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Our Allied Health Professionals

Sister Sonya Larizza
Registered Nurse
Sonya is an experienced registered nurse, able to do routine childhood checks and immunisations. She also advises on, and administers, travel immunisations, as well as providing wound care including dressings and suture removal, health care assessments for the elderly, and ear syringing for wax.
Louise Perkins
Dietitian – APD AN BSC M.Nutr.Diet
Louise provides tailored Nutrition advice for families and is welcoming new patients of all ages, specialising in Children, Adolescents and Women's Health. A previous Head of the Dietetics Department at the Children's Hospital at Westmead, Louise has also worked in specialist units at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and University College Hospital in London, the Northside Clinic and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.
Vanessa Griffiths
Podiatrist – M.A.Pod.A
Vanessa Griffiths has owned and worked in practices on both the Northern Beaches and the Eastern Suburbs for over 20 years.

She has vast experience in all aspects of podiatry including general footcare, diabetic health, stance and gait analysis, custom orthoses and paediatric assessments.

She is a warm and friendly health professional and the mother of two young boys.
Louise Adams
Clinical Psychologist – Masters of Psychology (Clinical) (UNSW)
Louise is a experienced clinical psychologist who is welcoming new clients for a range of issues. She uses cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness and self-compassion training, and ACT techniques. In addition to general psychological issues She specialises in treating people with eating disorders, body image problems, and people struggling with weight, all from a non-diet perspective. Louise is a recognised expert in this space, and regularly speaks with the media and trains other health professionals. She can help with any of the following issues: - Binge Eating - Anxiety, panic and stress - Bulimia - Depression - Over eating & emotional eating - Trauma - Addressing weight concerns - Relationship Issues - Body Image - Grief. Call the practice for appointments.
Natasha van der Wall
Psychologist - BA, MA, MPsych (Child & Ed.)
Natasha van der Wall is a Psychologist with 20 years experience across a range of clinical settings specific to child development and family support, and is committed to helping children and young people adjust to the challenges of childhood and development within their major contexts of school, family and friendships. Such challenges may include parent-child relationships, bereavement & loss (including parent separation), anxiety/worry, development and learning, social skills, coping with change, self-esteem & emotional health, and behaviour management.
Emma van Wanrooy
Audiologist - BA MAudiology MAudSAccp
Emma van Wanrooy is an Audiologist with 21 years of experience working across a broad range of areas in Audiology. Services Emma provides include hearing assessments for children and adults, Auditory Processing Assessments, hearing aid fitting and cochlear implant services. As an independent Audiologist, Emma provides advice on a large range of hearing aids and cochlear implants. As a result of her experience, Emma is a strong believer in the benefits of a high level of after care service for clients with hearing loss. She prides herself on keeping up to date on the latest advances in technology, and independently evaluating the advertised benefits of the latest devices.
Carrie Sammut
Pilates & Oov Practitioner
Carrie has a Bachelor of Nursing, and has since having a family retrained as a Pilates instructor. Carrie is proudly Polestar Pilates trained and certified. She is passionate about health & wellbeing through efficient movement. Carrie is also qualified in teaching Pilates on the Oov.
In your private class, you will learn ways to move freely, where the goal is to move without pain and limitations.
You will learn how to move your body efficiently by recruiting the right muscles and learn how to breath and position your body in the right alignment.
Your movement will be assessed in an initial consultation and from then on a program will be tailormade for your specific needs. Call the practice for appointments or for more information.